2013 Small Biz of the Year


Don’t order from a catalog or website at a Big Box shop; you might get surprised by the “real” color when it arrives. We stock all of these popular neckwear choices in our store, and each collection is available in a wide selection of colors. Main Street Formals is proud to report we’ve never met a color we couldn’t match…because if we can’t match it, we can MAKE it!

Simply Solid Bowtie

Simply Solid Necktie
Allure Bowtie Allure Necktie Herringbone Bowtie Herringbone Necktie
tie-abboud-aAbboud Necktie
Ralph Lauren Necktie

Cardi Stripe Necktie
 Paisley Bowtie
Paisley Necktie

Palermo Bowtie
Aries Necktie St.Regis Necktie

7 Stripe Necktie
 Satin Cravat
Animal-Print Necktie

Mossy Oak Necktie