2013 Small Biz of the Year


Hand-tied bowties? Got ’em. Narrow neckties? Got ’em. Novelty suspenders? Got ’em. Fun socks? Do you want stripes, polka dots, or argyle? (Got ’em.) How does one little shop in the middle of a cow town manage to stock so much product? Because we’re not “one little shop.” We’re the Biggest Little Tux Shop in New England!

  • Slim-fit and classic-fit dress shirts
  • Self-tie and pre-tied bowties
  • Narrow, skinny and classic-width neckties
  • Pocket squares & scarves
  • Conservative and novelty hosiery
  • Fedoras and paper-boy hats
  • Tie bars and cufflinks
  • Button-on and clip-on suspenders