How do we keep our shirts so clean? It’s not as simple as you might think. First, we spot-treat rental shirts for obvious stains and blemishes. Then, we soak them for hours in a boiling hot solution of water, detergent, and a bleaching agent. Then, we wash the shirts with standard detergent in screaming hot water. And then, we send the shirts out to be soaked and washed again by a professional laundry service. Finally, that company starches and presses the shirts, which we then inspect for stubborn stains before they are returned to our rental inventory. Why do we go to such great effort to keep our shirts pristine? Because you deserve it.

The staff are all very well trained, professional and personable. They took the time to explain everything thoroughly and answer every single question I had. I will always recommend them!

Lindsay Lourenco
-Facebook review