Price list

PRICES REVISED 1/2/18. These are some standard jobs we routinely perform. We also perform jobs not mentioned here–just call and ask.

These prices are guidelines only. The complex construction of some garments may require extra work on seemingly routine jobs. We reserve the right to modify prices accordingly. All prices are subject to change without notice. 

Garment Job Price
Dress/Gown Varies Varies
Unlined pant hem $11 (+$5 for cuff)
Lined pant hem $15 (+$5 for cuff)
Jeans hem $11
Dress pant waist in/out $14
Dress pant taper $12-20 plus cost of hem
Barrel sleeve shorten $14 per sleeve
Telescopic sleeve shorten $7 per sleeve
Suit coat waist in/out $10 per seam
Suit coat raise shoulders $59
Suit coat lower collar (collar roll) $6-20
Shirt taper waist $15
Shirt taper body/sleeves $25
Shirt shorten bottom $15-22
Shirt long sleeve to short sleeve $11
Shirt Shorten long sleeves at cuff $22
Shirt Shorten long sleeves at shoulder $22
zipper replace $1.50 per inch ($10 min.)
Jacket replace lining $59/hr
Mend tear or seam $5-10 ($5 min.)
Replace button $2
Create buttonhole $4
Sew patches $6 large/$4 small
Remove old patches $2/patch
All leather work $59/hr