Slim-fit Shawl Tuxedo

Fabian Couture slim-fit shawl tuxedo

Let’s talk about you. You’re smart, you work hard. Right? Right. You do your job, you feed the family, you go to school–you get it done. Sometimes, you think about a version of you that doesn’t have to worry about the bills or the hours or the kids. While you are wiping the oatmeal off the front of your sweater, you wonder if somewhere in another dimension, you’re waking up in St. Tropez in silk sheets, warm air with a cool breeze …But then there’s another stack of papers, another pile of snow, another spill, another stain, another day, another dollar, and you’re not in St. Tropez–you’re just here, and you’re doing the best you can.

The daily grind is built on compromises—coupon clipping, corner-cutting, staying in on Saturday nights. You deal with a little bit less now, so that you can have a little bit more later. But soon you are getting married, and when it comes to your wedding, you deserve More.

More is freedom from compromise; more champagne, more dancing, more luxury, more glamour. More is limousines and ball gowns, flowers and lights and multi-tiered cakes. This is a celebration of you and yours, and far from your daily life, the only grind you’ll find is on the dance floor. Your wedding day is more than an ordinary day, and a jet-black tuxedo is more than an ordinary suit. It’s says, You are not just “a” man. You are the man.

Once-in-a-lifetime events deserve more than the ordinary. For your wedding day, feel free to elevate your expectations. You deserve it.