This handsome groom came all the way from Maine to buy a suit from us! 😉

Wedding season is nearly here, and as we host new brides and grooms in the store, they regularly regale us with tall tales from the competition. For fun this afternoon, we thought we’d bust a few of the myths out there.

Guess again. Shopping malls charge their tenants high rents for those properties, and they take a percentage of store sales, too. Guess who really pays for that. That’s right, You. Nestled in quaint, rural Acushnet, Main Street Formals owns its location, helping to keep our average tuxedo rental prices dramatically below what the big box often gets. How much lower? This weekend, one of our wedding customers reported he’s in another wedding at [the name that cannot be named], and he is paying more TO RENT a suit from them than he is TO BUY a suit from us.

When it comes to matching your colors, “mainstream” has nothing on Main Street. In addition to the hundreds of hues we carry in stock, our experienced, eager staff is happy to show you catalogs full of colors that we can special-order. What’s that you say? The color is so new that formalwear manufacturers haven’t made it yet? If we can’t match it, we can make it. That’s a level of service you just can’t find in a big box shop. Other stores claim they have “the most,” but if you ask them if they will custom-make accessories for you, you’ll probably hear crickets.


Uncle Charlie’s nephew from Roswell.

Whether they hail from Michigan or Mars, your out-of-towners can request a courtesy fitting from any tuxedo shop in their hometown and send us the sizes. When in town for the rehearsal dinner (1-2 days before the wedding), they can visit our store and try on their tux, and if it doesn’t fit, we will fix it while they wait. Wrong shoe size? Gained 15 pounds? Unlike chain stores, our store is stuffed with extra inventory, and we are the region’s only formalwear store with full-time in-house tailoring. When it comes to making your “Men in Black” look their best, nobody beats Main Street Formals.

Class dismissed.