Indigo Suit

New Bedford City Councilor Steve Martins looks lean and mean in this slim-fit indigo suit from Main Street Formals.

At Main Street Formals, we are often asked what the “rules” are when it comes to men’s fashion.  Although ignorant fops routinely break the Commandments of Style (which were written in tailor’s chalk on a bolt of gabardine by the Almighty himself), we can surely agree that certain menswear commandments engender a spirit of elegance to which every gentleman should aspire. For instance, one should never fasten the bottom button on a two button jacket. Ever. Also, every man should own a navy blazer, which pairs as neatly with gray flannel as it does with designer denim. Naturally, we’d never pair a business suit with loafers.  And so on. But, if we were to establish a punch list of fashion tips, there would be one unequivocal tip to top them all: Fit is everything.

Model Josh Clattenburg cuts quite the athletic silhouette in this perfectly cut tuxedo from Main Street Formals.

No matter how much you’ve paid for it, an ill-fitting suit or tuxedo automatically looks cheap.  A $149 suit that is tailored to perfection will out-shine a $1000 potato sack any day of the week.  At Main Street Formals, we know that when it comes to menswear, fit is the key, and as such, we are the SouthCoast’s only men’s formalwear specialist that offers full-time in-house tailoring services.

Taylor Cormier

WBSM News Director and Rat Pat Crooner Taylor Cormier hams it up for the crowd at the FUN 107 Bridal Expo.

Whether your wedding party is renting or buying, you will not have to worry about your jacket looking like it came out of your grandfather’s closet or your best man’s trousers looking like parachute pants. We HATE that, and we’re sure you do, too.  With the help of our expert tailoring staff, Main Street Formals will go above and beyond to make sure your guys look perfect for your wedding day.