The talented crew of Lague Construction is working hard to keep us on schedule.

The sun is shining, and spring is in the air at Main Street Formals, as we wait with bated breath to witness each stage of progress in our building addition. There has been lots of activity here at the shop recently, as we wrapped up our participation in a number of successful local bridal expos and ratchet up our expectations for a busy 2018.

At present, much of our attention is dedicated to the expansion of our building, which after some 300 years of solid service (did you know we are the oldest standing structure in Acushnet?) needed to be expanded to make room for more inventory. Why do we carry so much product during a time when retailers everywhere labor to carry less? No friggin clue. We’re just nuts that way. These no-good salesmen keep knocking on our door, showing us racks and racks of amazing suits and formalwear, and we are simply powerless to say no. Toss in a new catalog, or an envelope full of the latest season’s swatches, and we’re instantly reaching for our wallet.

So, speaking of the “latest swatches,” what are we seeing for the hot looks for 2018? On the wedding end of the business, we expect strong demand for navy and charcoal, as brides continue to shift away from the lighter, more casual tones that have been so popular. We are also seeing a return to a more formal aesthetic, with the resurgence of bowties (yah!) as brides embrace the cosmopolitan elegance of black tuxedos in the opulent historic mansion settings of Newport and its peripheries.

Charcoal suitFor suits, charcoal and banker’s gray remain strong, for even the suit novice can put together a sharp ensemble with minimal effort. Navy and indigo continue to gain steam–all in tailored two-button models. The fashion blogs continue to promote boldĀ colors, but we’re not hearing many requests for them (because you’re all a bunch of chickens). We are working hard to get you fellas to step out of your comfort zones, and if you’re toeing the waters, we recommend the addition of a patterned suit or two (windowpanes are hot right now). If you are the boss (or want to be), then perhaps it’s time to add a double-breasted suit to the mix. If you don’t know what that is (which makes us want to cry), just pop in, and we’ll walk you through what’s out there.

More news coming, we’ll post as time permits. Over and out. šŸ˜‰