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Don’t forget about the holiday parties!

sportcoats and blazersDress to impress this holiday!
Our wide range of sport coats, dress pants, and sweaters create the perfect option for that last-minute holiday party. Classic to chic, we have something for everyone…and the tie to match!

Now is the time for any final touches
Have an important date coming up and that dress doesn’t fit *quite* right? Call our store at 508-995-0200 to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained tailors.

All dresses and gowns are taken exclusively by appointment.
But ladies, PLEASE don’t wait until the last minute…Your garments are trickier than men’s clothing and usually require more time, and more fittings. Please contact us to schedule your appointment as soon as possible.


The tuX Files: What’s new at Main Street Formals?

Well, 2018 was a whirlwind year for us at Main Street Formals. Let’s take a look back, and then a look ahead!

Our remodeled formalwear showroom featuring everyone’s deer friend, Bogart. (See what we did there?)

Our new farmer’s porch.

Continuing on the success of our recent formalwear showroom remodel, we pressed on with our capital improvements to help us provide a spectacular and unique customer experience. As our loyal customers know, during peak seasons, seating has always been a challenge, so we added a farmer’s porch to create a spacious outdoor seating area, and our enormous new suit showroom (more to come on that below) offers even more seating! No more feeling like you’re packed in a fishbowl. Complimenting this, we installed an overpowered new HVAC system to keep you cool when the thermometer rises. Are you feeling the love yet?

Our new office, from which Robert operates his graphic design and marketing business.

Our huge new showroom allows us to stock more suits for all of you Last-Minute Larrys. Mostly, it’s just here to look pretty!

Next, let’s talk about our magnificent new suit showroom! With this new space, we can now stock roughly 400% more inventory at a time when our competitors are scaling down. (Wow!) How are customers responding to our new man cave? Well, our new office is located off to the side of this new space, and we giggle every time a couple walks into the new space and whispers, “Holy ****.” (Incidentally, you’re all a bunch of potty mouths.) While it took seemingly forever to get the space up and running, we are positively thrilled by how well you’ve received it. If you ever want to just sit by the fireplace and relax with a copy of Let Me off at the Top by Ron Burgundy, you are welcome to visit as long as you’d like.

You asked, and we delivered. Come see our new selection of sportcoats and dress pants!

Plaid is rad, don’t be scared of wearing some color!

The addition of the new showroom freed up our existing, smaller, suit showroom, so we are now able to offer you some pretty exciting new products! We now stock hundreds of amazing new sportcoats and blazers, and we also run a gorgeous new line of slim-fit dress trousers in sizes 28-44. Furthermore, we’ve added a selection of fabulous retail dress shoes and a growing collection of men’s dress shirts. As always, our in-stock selection of neckwear and accessories is unrivaled in the region, at prices you’ll love.

And we’re not done! By moving our office to the addition, we were able to transition our tailor shop to a much bigger space on our first floor. We added two industrial machines and industrial pressing equipment (which stunningly, someone actually noticed!). The new tailor shop is bigger and better equipped than ever before, and we’ve added climate-control for the staff so that they can be comfortable as they work. It’s not like we were running a sweatshop before, but it got pretty hot upstairs. It’s practically like a resort in the new space now! 😉

What color do you like best?

What’s left? We still have to paint the building this spring, and then add some snazzy signage. Parking improvements are under consideration as well, namely the removal of more trees from our overflow lot. We’re not paving the lawn unless you’re paying for it.

As you can see, we crammed a ton of NEW into the customer experience for 2019, so please come down and say hello, and let us know what you think!

Main Street Formals extends a heartfelt message of gratitude to these talented and dedicated individuals who moved heaven and earth to get this done for us:

  • Ray Lague, the unflappably calm master carpenter who built our addition and the porch. We have to give him credit, but we wish we could keep him anonymous so that we didn’t have to share him with everyone else.
  • Guillotte & Sons, who built our foundation (and who repointed our old brick steps more times than we can count). Amazing local business.
  • Brian Miranda of Miranda HVAC, who installed our new system and is always there when we need him. Salt of the earth.
  • Tim Major, our electrician, who always gets the job done on time, and who even brings us venison jerky and homemade maple syrup!
  • Eversource, who came through on our meter and gas service relocation, when we feared it was going to derail us.
  • The Town of Acushnet, who were exceedingly patient as we completed each stage of construction.



The tuX files: A great in-VEST-ment

Tango SwatchesAlthough you wouldn’t know it from looking outside, spring is here, and with the season’s arrival, we are excited to welcome a huge new addition to Main Street Formals. Next week brings one of the biggest shipments of the year, which will cement our reputation as home to the region’s largest selection of formal fashion accessories. Landing on Wednesday, the Tango by Jean Yves Paris will be available in stock in 32 colors (in case you’re wondering, on our end, that’s about 900 vests).

The Tango joins what was already the region’s most comprehensive vest selection, which includes the following programs in a myriad of in-stock colors:

  • Larr Brio’s Simply Solids Vest, Tie, and Bowtie Collection (40+ colors in stock)
  • Ralph Lauren’s Vineyards Vest and Tie Collection (26 colors in stock)
  • Cardi International’s Herringbone Vest, Tie and Bowtie Collection (53 colors in stock)
  • Cardi International’s Palermo Vest Collection (25 colors in stock)
  • Cardi International’s Paisley Tie and Bowtie Collection (53 colors in stock)
  • Joseph Abboud’s Marquis Windsor Tie Collection (29 colors in stock)
  • Allure for Men’s Striped Bowtie and Tie Collection (24 colors in stock)
  • After Six’s Gemini Paisley Vest and Tie Collection (10 colors in stock)
  • After Six’s Aires Micro-Herringbone Vest and Tie Collection (19 colors in stock)
  • Perry Ellis Freedom Vest and Tie Collection (12 colors in stock)
  • Larr Brio’s Mossy Oak Camo Vest and Tie Collection

There can be only one Number One, and on the SouthCoast, the Number One color-matcher is Main Street Formals!


The tuX files: 2015 Trends

Photo: ImageMakers

Photo: ImageMakers

2015’s hottest menswear trends will be all about putting a modern twist on classic styling.  This year, bow ties will be back with a vengeance, and keeping you looking James-Bond-cool when partnered with sophisticated details like well-tailored jackets and slimline shoes.   Switch out the traditional black tie for chic, alternative colors like heather gray, charcoal and tan. And the sleeper hit for brides who are ahead of the curve? Midnight blue.


The tuX files: Allure formalwear is coming to Main Street.

Allure striped bowtie

Allure striped bowtie

You asked, so we delivered: Allure’s striking new accessory program will be coming to Main Street Formals in some two dozen colors, in both neckties and bowties. Manufactured for Allure by Larr Brio, the industry’s leading accessory maker, the ties are meticulously fabricated to feel and look like handmade furnishings. Of a soft and supple hand, these premium accessories are the type of details that transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Samples are available now for your review.